Yawnmeter Rating: 2 Yawns 

Type: Web series

Genre: Corporate, Romance, Drama 

Platform: MX player

Directed by: N Padmakumar

Yes, it plays a big role.

You culture plays a big role. And more importantly, your love for your culture plays a big role.

It can play essential roles in your life status, wife status and piggy bank status. The way you think, the way you eat, the way you live, and the way you narrate yourself in front of others, it plays a big role.

There is one more thing which plays a big role in your life and that is you’re ‘Mother-tongue’. It shows how frequently you wear tongue masks while presenting yourself. It defines you, internally as well as externally. To be honest, it more importantly your inner confidence and how you feel about yourself. Your language can make you feel it awkard, not in United States but surely in India and especially Mumbai. It can make or break your confidence. You feel that while someone speaks ‘idiosyncratic’ in front of you and your eardrums just go ‘Hain, Kaun Idiot?’. This may sound funny to us now, but as per the survey, 38.52% people shifting to urban cities from a rural or a little un-urban background, face this issues and ends up in depression state, due to peer mocking cruelty.

Thinkistan is one such sketch which brings in notice such invisible issues of high corporate MNCs. It looks glamorous to work in a creative giants albeit it comes with its own flaws. It takes guts to work at a place where you are expected to perform personally as well as professionally. Corporate peer pressure on personal life is the most difficult test of all time. Ten people smoking on your face and you just have to pass the lighter being a non-smoker; it’s a challenge in itself. The premise; where weed is cool and intelligence is out-of-fashion. There are several other activities, which you and I, go through to maintain our dignity. In the times, where we try to look cool, in order to fit in and nod-off to answer your own conscience. The demons are real.

Hema, the urban guy with an English speaking accent, impress the entire team with his quirky copywriting skills. His success reaches every cabin and desks, just to make him more arrogant. On the other hand, there is Amit, a simple guy with little black moustache and hanging pants. Amit comes to MTMC with a dream of becoming a great copywriter, but lacks behind due to his mediocre English speaking skills. He has exceptional command over Hindi and thinks in a very isolated manner. He is as talented as Hema, or maybe more but doesn’t get recognized due to his language skills and old-fashion dressing sense.

Is there no space for hard work? Can someone ever stop you because of your language? If you nod yes to this, your schooling was a failure. Our father of Nation is an exceptional example of this inferior thought. You cannot be stopped from getting successful, just because of the way you speak or the way you look; it all depends on your thoughts and your confidence in yourself. Amit felt miserable when people started mocking at him for his language skills but soon he got back to the spot, just to make others realize that it is not the magic of your mouth, but the magic of your brain that works.

Amit came up with a sensational ad copy for the new ad copy that shocked the entire unit at MTMC and also save the company during the solvency stage. It is also a reality check and self-realization for the people like you and I, working in corporate about ‘Never Judging the Book by its Cover’ and never think your peers as incompetent, as it would backfire us in multiple ways as well as this mocking can affect the next person in a very dangerous way.

It is a masterpiece by N Padmakumar showcasing all the nitty-gritties of corporate friendships, betrayal, success, envy and glory.

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