Yawnmeter Rating: 3 Yawns

Type: Web series

Genre: Comedy, Horror

Platform: ALT Balaji

Directed by: Farhad Samji

Boo- Sabki Phategi is showcased as a combination of horror and comedy, which is not true in its real sense. When you actually decide to dedicate your 3 long hours for this web series from your so called ‘Boring’ schedule, I can promise I have something more boring for you.

Boo- Sabki Phategi is an amalgamation of multiple movie scenes and dialogues like Stree, Golmaal, Bhool Bhulaiya, The Conjuring etc. with exact similar dialogues like ‘O Stree kal ana’  ‘Ami che tomaar’ etc. It looks like the writer was trying to make a Sushi and ended up with Hyderabadi Biryani. The dialogues are imported from different mediums and used at wrong places. The direction is good but the imported dialogues spoils up the comedy charm. Malika Sherawat tries her best to give a horror look but it again goes backward due to her sexy clothes. Her character is expected to potray hotness and well as horror. Therefore, it looks like instead of playing the role all in together, she is able to adopt any one of them at a time and in the next scene she takes up another. In real time, she is expected to amalgamate her role and play as a single character. On the other hand, Tushar Kapoor has done his part in a good and sensible way compared to his other films. He has tried to keep that mystery look on for the audience throughout the web series. He tries to adopt comedy and horror together and succeeds at it amazingly. You will be able to see a different side of Tushar in this series.

The 5 million hits on the show makes me question about our existence. No doubt, the cinematography and direction is good but the comedy part is so dull that my 18 year old soul doesn’t laugh on it. Also, the set is too lavish for the horror scenes. The originality was lacking even though it involves good number of celebrities.

One good thing glued me to the entire 8 episodes is the role play of Krushna Abhishek and Kitu Sharda. They have made real efforts in bringing out humour at right places and maintain the same till the end. Being comedians, they have made sure they do not forget their originalities. They have performed as a comedians and not actors, which is a very good part.

In a nutshell, if you are young, broke and heart ridden, I would suggest you to go out on a drive or just cry for 3 hours instead of watching the web series. On the other hand, if you just lazing around on Sunday, with a closed mind after a week-long hustle, I would recommend you to watch this and enjoy your ‘Me’ time.

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5 Yawns — Very boring content, you will probably be fast asleep by the time it’s over.

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