Yawnmeter: 2 Yawns

Genre: Romance, Entertainment

Youtube Channel: Teeli

Written/Directed by: Murtaza Alizai

Main Cast: Vardah Aziz, Hadi Bin Arshad

A Pakistani web-series Summer Love is based on the concept of clear cliché love. It depicts a scenario of fully blown office romance between two interns. In the beginning, as one can make out from the title – ‘Opposites attract’- as in how they would go about each other. The character of Nida (Vardah Aziz) is potrayed as a silent peek- a- boo who keeps a sneak- peak about her surroundings in a very introversic and sarcastic way. She is too punctual about her schedule and would take up a perfect dump of work with a single ‘No’ unlike Sami, who is like exactly opposite of her. He is an out-going extrovert guy who lives life to its very moment and likes to go slow. He works because he likes to and not because he is supposed to. He enjoys every bit of his 24 hours and knows where to say a straight ‘No’ as a part of his rights. They just have one thing in common and that’s their so called cranky Boss!

Their start was definitely a little shoddy but they got a little chance to know each other while gripping over a common project. They got to know each other’s working patterns and behaviours which made them realize that they were utterly wrong in judging each other. However, they started accepting themselves as well as the next person as who they were and gradually that made them fall in love or say Infatuation for each other.

Ufff! As they say, love finds its puddle easily. They found theirs too. Nida checks out Sami’s social profile and starts overthinking about his relationships with his female friends. This brings a scant difference between the two. Sami was unaware of such facts and was trying to take Nida on a blockbuster movie backed up with dinner date. On the other hand, Nida was still at a sea whether she should accept the offer or just reject it for not getting hurt in the long go. However, on the last day of the internship, she finally accepts his offer to go on a date with him but that is the very minute when Sami’s fate fails and he gets call from her Ex- girlfriend.

It leaves the reads with a dilemma! Will Sami go ahead with Nida or would he go back to the one who broke him in the first go?

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