Yawnmeter: 4 Yawns

Mr. Das Web Series

Genre: Entertainment, Comedy, Drama

YouTube channel: Cheers!

Directed by: Anudeep Mishra

Cast: Kumar Varun, Naveen Kaushik, Uday Nene, Naman Banthia, Badrinath Chavan, Anisha Victor

I chanced upon this series and was very excited to see how a talented actor like Kumar Varun would shine in this series with him playing a major role. However, I was extremely disappointed.

The series revolves around a man named Budhaditya Das, who is your typical nine to fiver in the busy Mumbai city. He is a huge pessimist who is tired of his hectic, mundane life. He has a terrible boss who gives him a hard time, a roommate who is a freeloader and doesn’t pay his bills and a girlfriend who breaks up with him in the beginning of the series. Upon the suggestion of his roommate, in order to make his journey to and fro office less lonely, he downloads a Rideshare app and meets Sushmita Choudhary, who as one can predict, becomes his love interest.

The series was a pain to watch, simply because it was just the main actor cribbing about his life all throughout, while also dreaming up about a relationship with Sushmita, thereby conforming to the very bad desperate image that Indian men already seem to have about falling in love with the first girl who talks to them decently. In just one ride he believed that she was the one for him, which seems like an absolutely ridiculous thought to have.

The show gets very unrealistic when she tells him, in the last episode that this will be their last ride as she is quitting her job. This makes Das extremely upset and he complains about it to his friends in a huge monologue about how  ‘love keeps one grounded during hard times’, while the moral of that was good, it shows the desperacy of the man and how closed his life is.

Another terrible aspect of the show was how predictable it was, like in Episode 2 we see him giving a monologue to his boss and abusing him, which everyone knows is a cliche ‘dream’ that he will wake up from.

A very sad part was when in the end Sushmita ends up joining his company, which results in him declining the offer from another company that could probably have had better opportunities for him and would have finally rid him of a terrible boss. This is the pinnacle of his desperacy and it’s unbelievable that someone would sacrifice their career for a potential love interest in this generation.

The one good thing about this series would be that it is able to perfectly capture the unhappiness and lack of job satisfaction among the middle class working people. It also portrays very well, the way bosses treat their subordinates like slaves.

Overall, this show is painful to get through and I wouldn’t have completed it if it weren’t for this review. This show is definitely not something worth watching if you are upset with life, it will just make you feel worse and annoyed.

Reviewer: Anika Baby

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