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Amazon Prime Web Series Review

Source: Amazon Prime

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Directed by: Ajay

Starring: Cyrus Sahukar, Mini Mathur, Denzil Smith

After the divorce of yet another close friend, the Malhotras decide to visit a couples therapist and discuss their marriage, out of a fear of divorce. Here, they recount various incidents in lieu of their issues, which are both hilarious and amusing.

I love how the series has normalized many things which would normally be considered  ‘taboos’ in the Indian society. Like the main point of the series- the couple going to therapy seems to bring about a wave of modernity. Next, they openly discuss role playing in the bedroom, which was again a very bold move. The fact that the couple are able to openly express their problems with each other is very refreshing.

All the actors have managed to play their role really well, each one does a good job of selling their role. Where at some moments I caught myself believing that this was a normal, regular family where the family has their own problems and their own unique ways of solving it. In this sense, the show is extremely relatable. The wife always trying to maintain a good image and uphold a social circle and the husband just goofing around yet trying to support her through it all makes a lot of sense.

However, in the beginning I found the series to be a little dry and boring, but gradually I got used to the series and wanted to watch more.

Overall, this series is fun to watch, it doesn’t cover any real family problems, but it is great to watch for comic relief.

Reviewer: Anika Baby

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