Did you know a – 11 minute web series is proved to have longer lasting effect on your mind than a 3 hour movie? 

As per the research, psychologists’ state that the web series content has a long lasting effect on our brain. In their terms, they describe it as the ‘Media neurons’. They associate it with social cognitive theory which states that humans cannot exercise control over their feelings, actions and thoughts in a shorter duration of time and therefore, short content has a larger impact on their brains. On the other hand, in long content, the brain gets ample amount of time to experience different emotions and therefore they can react on a particular emotion at a particular time. Movies are designed in a way that it gives sufficient time to the brain to enjoy different emotions. It doesn’t demand a quick fix reaction every few seconds. On the alternative side, in web series, people experience multiple emotions in an average span of around 10-11 minutes which makes their brain react actively in multiple dimensions.

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