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TVF Web Series Review

Source: YouTube

Channel: The Viral Fever

Genre: Entertainment, Comedy, Romance

Lead Cast: Mayur M, Ahsaas C, Jitendra K, Revathi P, Ranjan R, Alam K, Urvi S

Directed by: Raghav Subbu

Recently, The Viral Fever launched a new web series, Kota Factory. The story revolves around a boy named Vaibhav, who like many other Indians, joins the race to get admitted into one of the best coaching institutes in KOTA, to prepare for India’s toughest entrance exam- IIT-JEE.

The show intends to show the daily struggles that the children face when they join such institutes far away from home. To an extent, it does show this.

A great character in the show was the Physics teacher, Jeetu bhaiya, who comes in as the friendly, wise character who helps students in studies and other personal affairs. His practical advice clearly makes the students life easier, which is what a good teacher must do.

However, the series tends to glorify the mechanism of IIT JEE and makes it seem like it is not all that bad, which is slightly upsetting considering the amount of suicides due to peer, teacher and parental pressure that occur in KOTA. Vaibhav, along with his friends Meena and Uday are students of Prodigy institute who study on a daily basis and are able to handle the pressure thanks to their strong bond with each other.

This problem can be forgiven due to some crucial points in the series that slightly voice out the issue, like in the season finale, where Uday gives a very touching speech on children who can’t handle KOTA. Then the various additions by Jeetu Bhaiya about KOTA acting like a machine that churns out robots who only know how to mug their textbooks.

The series becomes extremely realistic and relatable to many IIT aspirants due to the little romance that evolves between Vaibhav and Vartika, who bond by doing pair studies and living the typical KOTA life.

Overall, it is an entertaining series to watch and can be watched over and over, but as the creators themselves have put up the warning: IIT JEE aspirants must not watch this show!

Reviewer: Anika Baby

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