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Ahalya; everything a poet ever imagined and men ever wanted. Ahalya is the same stone character, we read about in our childhood where a stone becomes a woman with the touch of Lord Ram. The actual story behind this was a very ferocious curse given to a woman by her husband. Ahalya was a wife of Saint Gautama, who was about more than 2 to 3 decades elder than her. He always felt special and proud for having such beautiful creation of god as his wife. She was turned to stone when Gautama found her cheating with Indra, who lost his senses by seeing her supreme beauty. Indra wickedly tried to pull Ahalya towards him for his lustful intentions. It is depicted that it was Indra’s malicious intentions and not Ahalya’s but due to ancient customs and traditions, it was Ahalya who was punished for years.  

In the Sujoy Ghosh’s movie Ahalya, there is an upside flip. In this, everyone who tries to lust the old man’s wife is punished and turned to a doll. It is next to impossible to come to life after these brutal lust intentions as there is no Lord Ram in this Era.

Even though we know the story but still we can’t predict the last minute twist which takes place in the plot. The writer has muddled all the viewers till the end. The horror mystery is depicted a little differently in the plot as all the men are squeezed under the dolls alive. They try to ask for help from the new visitors but there is no way they would come out of this lusty vicious circle which they create for themselves.

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