Platform: ALT BALAJI

Genre: Comic, Romantic

Cast: Divyanka Tripathi, Rajeev Khandelwal

Cold Lassi Aur Chicken Masala is exactly the way it’s name is designed. Cold lassi can be referred as the name lead actor Rajeev Khandelwal with the hot and sizzling actress Divyanka Tripathi

The character of Divyanka is portrayed as an angry chef with power of delicacy through her magic of salt and sugar. She is enthusiastic and loves the art of perfection in every dish she makes. She loves cooking to her core and can do anything to make a perfect dish for over 1000 people at time. She is a kind and emotional by heart but often ends up getting rude to her peers and subordinates for tweaking the recipes and eliminating the perfection zone. She has given years of her hard work to the place and now that place serves as her second home. A total fun loving foodie since childhood ends up being a chef of all time at one of the giant eateries.

On the other hand, the character of Rajeev is portrayed as a silent lover who is a foodie but not with the interest of cooking as a profession. In the later stage, he turns out to be a number one chef in the industry and comes back to its core. He learns cooking the hard way but ends up being the best. He does not believe in perfection at all times. He tries to adopt fresh ideas and tries to experiment with new dishes and spices.  He strongly believes that any dish made out of curiosity and newness would turn out to be better, instead of just sticking to the old methods and perfection. He cooks every dish with his full heart and that’s what makes him different in the industry.

They both are old time school lovers and meet again after 8 years in the same premises and same position as competitors. The old times flashes right into their eyes which makes them go weak on their knees for few minutes until Divyanka gains back her stability again by remembering the bad and insulting times she had with him in the past. She remembers her purpose of moving on and tries to maintain a distance with him. Rajeev tries to distract her and grab her attention back along with his revengeful intention at times.

The series revolves around the love story which was once built on the bond of food and once again comes at a stage where food is the centre of competency. The time will show how the bonds created around food lasts for the extreme couple.

It is expected to be a mixture of comedy and romance, a perfect combination for the entire viewer base. It would be an add-on for the chef couples who once started in the same way as Rajeev and Divyanka starts in the series. We wish the bond of food lasts forever for them.

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