Yawnmeter : 3 Yawns 

Genre: Romance, Drama 

Youtube Channel: iDIVA 

Directed by: Faraz Arif Ansari

A south Delhi girl- your typical combination of Regina George from Mean Girls or Poo from Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham. Aarti Sachdev (Tridha Choudhary) is a textbook example of this in the web series- Dulha Wanted by iDIVA. She is a sassy, good looking girl from an extremely well off family, who unfortunately gets ditched on her wedding day because her fiance- Sachit fell in love with another girl during his bachelor party. With the help of her best friend- Shreya and her husband Aniket, Aarti resolves to find herself a husband and get married before Sachit does. 

In the first episode we see a spunky, obnoxious, spoiled brat Aarti who refuses to listen to anyone and wants everything done her way. We see her recklessness when she decides to marry a random guy at her wedding after realizing that she has been ditched. 

The rest of this Hindi drama web series becomes a dragged version of the Bachelorette, as she goes around trying to find the perfect groom in places like the gym, restaurants, friendly gatherings, club and even on matrimonial applications as the last resort. 

Episode 4 tends to discourage the viewer to watch the series any further and triggers the Yawnmeter, Aartis acting becomes very fake- almost irritating! The episode in general becomes confusing and very boring. Episode 5 and 6 goes a little monotonous in her attempt her trying to find a guy, disproving him and repeating her hunt. 

However, Episode 10 acts as the saving grace of the show. We see Aarti in a new light, we begin to understand her pain in being unable to find a life companion and begins to garner sympathy. The grandmother- Vimmi is the one person who seems to be able to understand. She shares with Aarti her initial belief in polygamy- being with multiple partners, but how her neighbour, who would soon be Aartis grandfather made her realise that the right person will make you feel peaceful, will be your confidante and will be someone who is patient and loves you for who you are. 

This changes Aartis perception and she realises the right guy was with her all this while- Dhruv, her friend in need. 

In the grand finale, she decides to not get married for the sake of it and we see a transformed, empowered, wiser Aarti, who is now in a relationship with Dhruv and decides to figure out life in the first go. 

Overall, if one can bear through the initial downfall of Episodes 4-7, the rest of the show is not too bad. However, the video quality is slightly poor. It appears very grainy- like a thousand instagram filters in every shot. This series is something to watch when in the mood for a chick flick.  

What is YawnMeter Rating?

Yawn Free! — This content is guaranteed to keep your brain wide awake and completely immersed. Bid Adieu to sleep!

1 Yawn — Good content, but could get you very, very slightly bored.

2 Yawns  — Okay content, but may trigger slight sleep.

3 Yawns — Bearable Content, it will make you want to sleep, but also want to continue watching. The choice is yours.

4 Yawns — Boring content, it will get you dozing off at regular intervals.

5 Yawns — Very boring content, you will probably be fast asleep by the time it’s over.

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