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Directed by: Nitya Mehra, Zoya Akhtar, Prashant Nair, Alankrita Shrivastava

Genre: Drama, Romance 

Fancy, extravagant weddings- branded lehengas, music videos, week long festivities, celebrities attending the celebrations, lots of alcohol, some loud, live music and most importantly, the bride and groom together and in love like the perfect fairytale wedding. This, is the exact picture that the creators of this show make and then break, bit by bit. 

The story revolves around two wedding planners- Tara and Karan, who have founded their company ‘Made in Heaven’ thanks to the funding by Taras husband, Aditya- a rich business tycoon. In each episode, Tara and Karan can be seen planning a wedding for extremely rich clients, but they encounter various problems induced by the crazy rich Indian families they work for, i.e. various societal issues like the dowry system, following archaic traditions like marrying a tree, cheating one day before the wedding and so on, which makes viewers realise that the wedding is far from ‘perfect.’

This show does a good job of highlighting the various issues in modern India, caused by regressive, traditions and beliefs which are still embedded within even the most modern couples. This show has also put in the LGBT element through Karan, who is gay. He is arrested and harassed by the cops for his sexual orientation and it is interesting to see how he overcomes all of it and comes out, while also fighting for the communities rights. 

One downfall of this show would be how they portray all marriages to be a failure. This depiction is done so well that after watching it one can tend to feel very disheartened about the idea of marriage and can be filled with doubt. 

Overall, this show is a good watch that speaks about the various double standards within our ‘modern’ Indian society. It also inspires viewers to take control over their own life and fake it till you make it. And once you watch this, stay tuned for Season 2 that will be coming out soon!

Made In Heaven Trailer

Reviewer: Anika Baby

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