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Four More Shots Please Review

Source: Amazon Prime 

Genre: Drama

Directed by: Anu Menon 

Lead Cast: Kirti Kulhari, VJ Bani, Sayani Rizvi Roy, Maanvi Gagroo

Four women, with four completely different stories meet up one night in a bar by chance and thus begins a complex web of stories filled with struggles that can’t seem to be avoided but can be eased by this strong bond of friendship that stays thick all through. 

As a whole, this show serves as a beautiful lesson on the strength and uniqueness of female friendships through the lives of Damini Rizvi Roy (Sayani Gupta) a headstrong investigator journalist, Umang Singh (VJ Bani) a badass fitness trainer, Anjana Menon (Kirti Kulhari) a lawyer and a divorced single mother and Siddhi Patel (Maanvi Gagroo) a naive girl who is body shamed by her mother and is searching for a husband. 

The series is bound to get any Indian woman hooked initially, thanks to the opening scene of the first episode with Milind Soman, stripped down to his boxers, doing a ramp walk on an office table to Damini, followed the ultimate fantasy of almost every Indian woman (if you know what I mean!) 

The show also speaks out about various issues, like body shaming, where Siddhis own mother does it and ruins her self confidence. In an attempt to gain it back, she strips in front of the webcam on an online website and faces some scary repercussions later. Other issues involved a little bit of mental health problems, single mother woes and stigma related to women body parts. 

The show had two actors who seemed to stand out, the first was Anjana, the divorced mother who played her role exceptionally well, Especially in Episode 10 where certain circumstances lead her to fight for her daughter- a heart wrenching scene that gets you emotional for sure. 

The second was Umang, who is a bisexual in the series. It is beautiful to watch as she sheds the tomboy image as she falls in love with a celebrity, Samara Kapoor (Lisa Ray) who refuses to come out of the closet, putting Umang in a tricky, confusing situation. One also sees in Episode 6, which is the flashback episode that provides the backstory how she came to Mumbai as a small town girl from Chandigarh and the amount of rejection she faced due to her background- a very relatable story.

However, the downfall of the series would be the stark amount of relatability. It is very hard to relate to four girls who live in some extremely fancy, beautiful vintage apartments in South Mumbai, for whom money seems to not be a problem at all, considering how they are able to afford a drink every day, also, not all of us has a gynaecologist like Milind Soman and even if we do, we definitely cannot sleep with him! (Just being bitter here) 

Another downfall would be in the acting which seemed to get a little extra during certain bits. Also how does their bartender, Jeh Wadia (Prateik) have a very unoriginal accent in South Bombay? And how is he so calm about the girls breaking the sign board of the bar and their mischief in the backside storage area of the pub? 

Overall, it is something entertaining to binge watch and yes, it can be enjoyed by all genders. Watch out for immense temptations to have a drink and the bitter feeling of not having the various privileges that the women experience. Also, the extremely catchy opening song will get you grooving every time!

Reviewer: Anika Baby

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