Adil hussain, a soul to many National and International films, exactly knew what he wanted in life. He knew he wanted to be an actor in every possible dimension at some stage in his journey. But, he knew the entry was not easy as it seemed, therefore he created a back-up plan for himself by pursuing stand-up in for 6 long years. It is said– ‘A comedian acts differently every 7 seconds of his sketch’ and this way his profession, as a comedian helped him sharpen his skills as an actor in multiple ways.

In the early stage, he tried his hands on dramas and small sketch skits, which helped him to dive in deeper into role plays. Later, he signed up for an Assamese film, Xongkolpo, a film based on 1979-1985 – Assam Movement. This film acted as a first brick for his career house and still remains as the most memorable memory to his soul. He worked into Assamese film industry for 3 long years before he shifted to Hindi and other regional film industries.

Later, in 2012, he got a big break in International cinemas through The Reluctant Fundamentalist, by Mohsin Hamid and Life of Pi by Ang Lee. This was another turning point in his life which made his consistent entry in Hindi, Bengali and Assamese film. He also entered into Malayalam Movie market with his first debut film -Naval Enna Jewel.

He has also acted in several short films from 2003 to 2016, winding up to 13 long years and still counting. As per his interviews and other on screen appearances, he seems to be a very sorted and humble person who can be termed as one of the most ‘Down to earth’ person in the film industry.


  • 2003 – Rasikan Re
  • 2003 – Butterfly 
  • 2010 – Doctor, Nurse and Patient 
  • 2010– Tequila Nights
  • 2012– Infected 
  • 2013– Muniya 
  • 2014– Dwaraka 
  • 2014– One Last Question 
  • 2016– Azaad 
  • 2016– Bandhi 
  • 2016– Chutney 


1986 –    Xongkolpo

1987 –    Sutrapaat

1988 – Pita Putra

1989 – Bhai Bhai

2002-2003 – Jasoos Vijay

2003 – In Othello

2004 – Iti Srikanta

2009 – Kaminey

               For Real

2010 – Ishqiya


2012 – Agent Vinod

               The Reluctant Fundamentalist

               English Vinglish

               Life of Pi

               Lessons in Forgetting

2013 – Lootera

               Boyss Toh Boyss Hain

2014 – Raag: The Rhythm of Love

               Kaanchi: The Unbreakable

               The Xposé


               Rodor Sithi

               Zed Plus

               Tigers / White Lies

2015 – Main Aur Charles

               Jai Ho Democracy

               Unfreedom / Blemished Light


               Feast of Varanasi



               Nanak Shah Fakir


               Angry Indian Goddesses

               Har Har Byomkesh


2016 – The Violin Player

               Crash test Aglaé


               Force 2


               Leena’s Beauty Parlour


2017 – Commando 2

               Love Sonia


               Hotel Salvation

               Dobaara: See Your Evil

               What Will People Say

               Maj Rati Keteki

               Naval Enna Jewel

               The Illegal

2018 – At Large





               Nine Hours In Mumbai

2019 – Bombairiya

               Delhi Crime

               Nirvana Inn

               Kabir Singh

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